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Get to know me!

I am a bookworm who lives in the Philippines. I started my bookstagram last July 19, 2018 and from then on I found a new family.

Reading has been my hobby since I’m 7 years old. The first book mom got me is the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I also read myths and legends books before. And now, i’m fond of Psychological Thriller, Poetry, and Contemporary. I also love watching movies and TV series. I’m a TBBT fan and Grey’s Anatomy lover. In my spare time, I eat and sleep. 🙈

This blog will focus on Book Reviews, Blog Tour, Blog posts about Anticipated Reads, Monthly Wrap Up, Favorite Books in every Genre I’ve tried and more about bookish world.

I hope to see more of you soon as I post my articles. 💞

With love,


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