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The Memoirs of an Empress | Book Review

Title: The Memoirs of an Empress

Author: Zylia N. Knowlin

Publisher: Amazon Publishing

Genre: Biographical Fiction


Empress sat in her thoughts for days wondering if she would ever escape the prison that she had created for herself. It was as though she could see the jail bars, smell the stench of loneliness, feel the hunger of lonely prison nights, and yet all Empress wanted was freedom, freedom from sadness, fear, heartaches, and ultimately her own self.

For Empress, the journey could only begin once she unveiled the truths that she tried to run away from. (Goodreads)

Reading someone’s else’s life makes me think how great everyone’s life is. It is not always ‘rainbow after the rain’ life sometimes it is more like a ‘heavy cloudy day’.

This book is about a mother, a strong mother, who will sacrifice his life for the sake of her children. A great sister and an amazing woman of color. Empress’ story is an eye-opener. We now live in a cruel world, thus, an unfair one and one of the crises we are engaged is Women Protection. Empress shows each side of her, the brave one, the fragile one, and the lovable one. The story of empress is indeed full of lessons.

The Memoirs of an Empress is a must read for everyone. It is a fast-paced story with engaging characters and plot. The story means to educate us that every woman’s lives is always at stake. Even though she’s happy and good doesn’t mean she doesn’t need help. Every woman must be treasured and taken care of. Empress, as she struggles in her life, doesn’t know who else she needed. She is afraid, a worrier, and a vulnerable.

I love how empress’ story touches my heart. Zylia knows how to capture reader’s heart and attention. As I read this book, I found myself craving for more story of Empress and her family. Knowingly that empress is kind-hearted woman, I just loved her. Her children, her sister made the most out of the story. I personally recommend this book to everyone to read and reflect on empress’ story. We all have our side that can’t keep and who knows how to deal with it. The kindness and humanity the story also brings is a gem! A huge thanks to Zylia for bringing me into Empress’ life. You’re the sweetest!

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About the Author:

Zylia N. Knowlin is the mother of four girls. She currently resides in South Florida. She has spent the last twenty-two years educating middle-school students on topics concerning American and World History and Geography. Over the years, she has maintained her daily journals and wanted to share some of life experiences with young people across the world.

After completing her PhD program (2021), she has plans on writing curriculum and initiating programs that prevent domestic violence and child violations in Jamaica, West Indies. Proceeds from this publication will be used in part to fund the JASWA (Jamaican American Social and Welfare Alliances) Project she is currently building. Additionally, she owns and operates BlackGirlsWrite2 an organization that provides professional writing services.

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