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Face | Book Review

Title: Face

Author: Randina Sheldon

Genre: Poetry

An original poetry and art collection

Overflowing with vulnerability and raw honesty, Face is a declaration of self worth and owning your space after breaking, rebuilding and rising again.

“May the hurting turn to healing.” - Randina Sheldon

TW: This book contains some references of abuse and trauma

As a Poetry lover, I have read more a lot of poetry books in different topics, diversity, and locality. Most of them are self-published and I love how they do all the book-related marketing of their releases. 
Face is poetry and art collection that covers a range of love, lost, self-healing, and reality. Randina Sheldon did an absolute job of taking you to her world and experience what is it like to feel all the feels it had to take.

It is by far the most thick poetry book that I own and also the longest one I have read. The thing about having a much longer poetry book is that you have all the pages to write and to express your feelings. It feels like your tongue is untied you are free to speak all your heart. Also, having it a lot more pages is like you are writing and finishing your own story. I sometimes feel sad when a poetry book ended shortly and I really need want to follow more about that book.

Face is not your ordinary poetry book. It is crafted with passion and art, more likely written with a mindful heart and a brighter soul. Every pages of the book reminds me of my first heartbreak, first cry, and also my first love. Face is an absolute must read poetry book and an eye-opener to every people to not settle for less, always think of more specially if it is for yourself.

The arts included in the book is very minimalist and accurate to what it wants to show. It is a perfect combination of word and art.

I personally declare this as one of my favorite book. It has a big potential to be a bestseller if you lend yourself to read and reflect on this book. Much love for Randina.

- copy is given for free in exchange for a review. reviews and opinions are all mine. -

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About the Author:

Randina Sheldon is a refreshingly honest writer and artist who leaves a little bit of her heart on every page. With deep vulnerability, she advocates for the voiceless and represents the hope that we can always rise beyond anything that tries to bind us.

She is a die-hard cat lady, part flower, and has a laugh that can move mountains.

Follow her on IG @randinawrites .


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